Robert J. Wisner
Robert J. Wisner

Robert J. Wisner received a Ph.D. in Mathematics in 1953 from the University of Washington. His mathematics research publications include group theory, combinatorics, and number theory. He has been on mathematics faculties of the University of British Columbia, Haverford College, and New Mexico State University, teaching the subject for 50 years until his retirement. He was Head of the Department of Mathematical Sciences at New Mexico State University 1970-1972.

He has authored or co-authored numerous books on, among other things, number theory and probability theory, in addition to a very early computer-oriented calculus book, as well as books for high-school algebra. Also, for some 20 years, he was one of the authors of various K-8 mathematics programs for the Scott, Foresman Publishing Co., and for 24 years was the Consulting Editor in Mathematics for the Brooks/Cole Publishing Co. His second-most-recent book is the Fifth Edition of Mathematics for Liberal Arts (Kendall Hunt, 2006), with Fred Richman, Carol Walker, and James Brewer, and his most recent co-authored book is the electronic textbook Calculus: Understanding Its Concepts and Methods, published by MacKichan Software, Inc.

In his own words
I am a recently retired mathematics professor, having taught for 50 years. I continue to write research papers, expository papers, and books. I have lived in Las Cruces, NM, since 1963. My wife and I travel whenever possible, with favorite outings being river trips.

I am a WWII Navy veteran and an active Board Member of the National Association of USS LCS(L) 1-130, and for three years the Editor of the Association's Newsletter.