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Professor Darel Hardy joined the Mathematics Department of Colorado State University in 1967.  He has been involved in outreach to high schools, the introduction of calculators and computers into the mathematics curriculum, and other curriculum development projects. He was the originator and director of the first Colorado State University Math Day in 1977. In addition to his duties in the Department of Mathematics, he was also a Program Coordinator for the Center for Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education.





  • B.S. New Mexico State University, 1962
  • M.S. New Mexico State University, 1964
  • Ph.D. New Mexico State University, 1967
  • Advisor Robert J. Wisner
  • Specializations: Applied algebra, semigroups

Professional Experience

  • Seattle University Instructor 1964--1965
  • Colorado State University Assistant Professor of Mathematics 1967--1972
  • Colorado State University Associate Professor of Mathematics 1972--1985
  • University of Nebraska Visiting Associate Professor of Mathematics Spring 1979
  • Colorado State University Professor of Mathematics 1985--2005
  • New Mexico State University Visiting Professor of Mathematics Spring 1992

Funded Projects

  • Western Mathematics Scholars Program Colo Dir NSF 1990--1992
  • CSU Color Workstation Proj PI NSF 1991--1992
  • Colo Integrated Mathematics Initiative PI CCHE 1995--1997
  • Articulation, Assessment, and Placement Conf PI CCHE 1997--1998
  • Algebra in Context Co PI CUE, RMTEC 1995--1997
  • Assessment of college Algebra in Context Co PI RMTEC 1998--1999

Books, Manuals, and Monographs

Committee Service and Administrative Assignments