Hardy Calculus Library
by Diane Davis, Darel Hardy, Fred Richman, Carol Walker, and Robert Wisner

The Hardy Calculus Library includes three interactive books: Precalculus, Calculus for Advanced Placement, and Business Calculus. Written in the style of Calculus: Understanding Its Concepts and Methods, the three books are complete electronic textbooks featuring live calculations and animated, interactive graphics. The dynamic environment is provided by Scientific Notebook®.
Hardy Library Software
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Precalculus consists of the ideas, skills and insights needed to understand calculus. It includes a full treatment of functions in addition to arithmetic, algebra, coordinate geometry, and trigonometry.
Business Calculus: Understanding Its Concepts and Methods applies the fundamental ideas of calculus to business and management. For example, using differentiation to perform marginal analyses and using techniques for finding local extrema to maximize profit or minimize cost.
Calculus for Advanced Placement includes the content of the AB and BC courses designed for advanced placement. Answers with step by step solutions are included for most problems. Algorithmically generated self tests provide additional practice.